This past Saturday my husband and I attended a wedding in West Bloomfield, Michigan.  The wedding was pretty well put together.  The food was great, music wasphotostrip-west-bloomfield awesome and they had a pretty cool photo booth. West Bloomfield, MI is a fairly small, upscale town in Michigan and the venue was reflective of that.  I am throwing up this post because there was a really funny moment from the reception that I thought you all might find amusing.

The photo booth opened at around 7pm. After the drinks got flowing the bride decided that she wanted the photo booth attendant to come to the dance floor to bust a move with the wedding party. The attendant informed the bride that she was the only person that could allow him to leave his station to go to the dance floor.  She gave her blessing and the attendant literally ran out to the dance floor and started the most dead serious break dancing that I have seen in a long time.  It was absolutely hysterical!  The attendant kind of looked like the type of guy that spends his weekends playing WOW or D&D but I guess looks can be deceiving because this guy seriously had some moves. With in 15 seconds he had the entire crowd huddled around him while he spun and jerked all across the dance floor.  Then less than 60 seconds later he bowed to the crowd and ran around getting high fives from everyone and walked back to his station at the photo booth.  It was very amusing I must say.  That story is probably something I will not soon forget.   The take-away really is that you should not judge a book by its cover.

Speaking of the photo booth…. I really like the style of prints that they used.  Instead of the small 2×6 strips, they used the 4×6 like the one I have in this post.  They were more like postcards than they were photo strips.  They printed out two copies of every picture and glued one in a memory book which we were able to sign with a special message. The one thing that was missing was the ability to create video messages.  From what I have heard, video messaging is pretty common place now a days but this booth did not have that ability.  I guess it isn’t that big of a deal but I would think that when spending $600 that you would get the latest technology included.

Overall, the wedding was a great time.  I did not get a ton of time to dance because I helped with some of the food set up and music set up but of course I made time to get on the floor for a couple group dances that everybody hates but does them anyways. Hope to see you back soon!


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