I attended Western Michigan University because they have one of the best dance academy’s in the country and I danced for Western my whole college career. In my dance school growing up I always competed in the many competitions that my school sent me to. I knew I was good because I won lots of competition but it was really humbling not making the squad at Western I was kind of getting nervous there for a while.

But I did make it and I was so proud and so happy because I knew that I was gonna learn so much more than being in the school in my home town, but it took me three tryouts to make the school at Western. What I really wanted to be was a teacher of dance or a choreographer, I mean it is fun and exhilarating being the actual dancer but it is so much better being the brain behind the operation. Choreographing a routine and watching the talented dancers play out your design is amazing and nothing beats that. It was the day after my whole life changed that being the one that was on stage dancing out the routine of the choreographer I needed a change, I wanted to be the one behind the stage watching my girls perform.

Once I graduated, my goal was to own my own dance studio and I work as hard as I could and saved as much money as I could and now I do my own studio. I have classes for all ages from four-year-old girls just starting out to ladies in their 60s and 70s who need something to do during the week. It is one of the most rewarding things I think I’ve done my entire life. I have six studios in the building and seven other instructors other than myself. This is what I have now, but I started off with one studio and two instructors including myself. I never gave up on myself or my dream and I worked so hard for that it almost seems like a dream or that I am looking at some one elses life.

This is all I have ever wanted to do with my life and I could not be any happier that I gave myself the chance to do it. If I could give any of you advice, it would be to never give up on yourself, if you keep striving your will keep achieving!

Thanks all for sticking around, Maria




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